Twitter is not Fauxcahontas’ friend

This is a case where I can’t wait to hear from The Donald.A few tweets so far on 1/1024th Native American DNA Senator Warren: "This about the same results i would get to prove my chihuahua is part wolf.”"You’re making the “one drop” theory a thing dude. How do you guys keep doing this?”"You’re saying… Continue reading Twitter is not Fauxcahontas’ friend


The Democratic Party/Media conglomerate has its panties in a knot about the description of Antifa, #MeToo, et. al. as mobs. Well, they have broken windows, preemptively threatened violence against demonstrations they dislike, committed arson, screamed in the faces of their opponents, physically attacked other demonstrators, injured professors during campus "deplatforming" rallies, and battered cars with… Continue reading Mobs

Bimbo Erupts

Hillary Clinton's above the law self-privileging is breathtaking, even for a Democrat. She suffers from the delusion that because her husband was a genial, accomplished liar that the skill rubbed off on her. She's also sure she's immune to the charge of misogyny (which she would attach to anyone else behaving as did her husband)… Continue reading Bimbo Erupts

JBP at 20 Monroe Live

My wife and I were at Dr. Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life lecture on Thursday (Sep. 20) in Grand Rapids, MI. We had VIP seats (3rd row, center) which added a badge, a picture with Peterson, and a separate interactive Q&A session. An unadvertised perk, for which my skinny old butt was grateful, was… Continue reading JBP at 20 Monroe Live

Find the Nazi

Zina Bash is Mexican born, Jewish on her father's side, and her grandparents were Holocaust survivors. She is one of Brett Kavanaugh's former law clerks and was previously employed in the White House as part of the Domestic Policy Council.She has recently been attacked by the #Resistance as a white supremacist.Dr. Avital Ronell, protege of… Continue reading Find the Nazi

Citizens for Electioneering Michigan’s Energy

Big Political Spending By Electric Utility Raises ConcernsIf you think that government unions should be prohibited from taking members' money to spend on political ads those members disagree with, you may also object to Consumers Energy shareholders' money being used for political ads supporting Consumers' agenda. Which, among other things, includes outsourcing electricity generation to… Continue reading Citizens for Electioneering Michigan’s Energy


A well written peek into the suppurating cesspit that is SJW academia (which is most of it). The cracks in the edifice are being exposed, ironically, by #MeToo hypocrisy. The author would appear to be risking her career, so I find it remarkable. It’s also remarkable it could be published.Added to the DoJ support for… Continue reading Academiarchy

Citizens for Enervating Michigan’s Economy II

There are a few lobbyists styling themselves "Citizens for Energizing Michigan's Economy" who are hammering the radio with political ads criticizing legislators who support expanding energy choice. CEME is, in fact, dependent for funding upon Detroit Edison and Consumers Energy. These guys have been around for awhile, so their pedigree is clear:Touting A 'Looming Energy… Continue reading Citizens for Enervating Michigan’s Economy II