Remember the power flow?

It’s downstream from Washington.

Yesterday, I wrote of Texas power woes:

Central planners knew reserve dispatchable (on demand) electricity provision was a weakness for renewables’ case, even as renewables raise the importance of dispatchable power. If planners wanted more renewable energy they had to raise electricity prices to fund building the standby generators and securing the fuel supplies they might not use, or take bigger risks across the board.

Wind and solar were not to be dinged for the increased costs they impose on the grid to ensure reliable generating capacity during extreme weather events. Mustn’t have anyone question whether windmills or solar panels are doing the job you hired them for if you still have to have natural gas plants idling in case of bad weather.

Unsuprisingly, wind proponents would prefer the raise rates solution, now that they can act like they’re not responsible for the lobbying that contributed to it. The WSJ notes: “The wind lobby says Texas should have required thermal (nuclear, gas, coal) plants to be weatherized to withstand single-digit temperatures.

I wouldn’t have phrased it as if the costs might be borne by the conventional power companies. Consumers would pay. And I wouldn’t have accepted the wind lobby’s implication that the thermal power companies were the culprits, since the wind lobby persuaded the regulators to avoid price increases attributable to wind power in favor of higher risk. How do you think the new power transmission lines for windmills and solar are paid for? See also.

When wind lobbyists ask politicians to “require our competition to” it’s just another sign Texas is not a free market in electricity.

Then there are Federal regs.

In this case it seems as if they were used to give Texas a little slap. On Feb 12th, Texas Governor Greg Abbott asked the President to declare a major disaster for Texas’ 254 counties. The President approved it for 77 counties. Grants are now available for temporary housing, home repairs, and low-cost loans for most Texans. That means large population centers like Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin…

You can supply your own theory about why rural Texans are considered to have been less damaged.

By Feb 14th ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) was urging everyone to minimize electricity consumption, and had asked the Department of Energy for permission to exceed Federal restrictions (running fossil fuel plants at only about 60% capacity). The DoE approved this request with the proviso, first suggested by ERCOT, that the power would be sold at no less than $1,500 per megawatt hour, compared to $18.20 per megawatt hour in February 2020.

Note: the $1,500 figure, contrary to some reports, was SUGGESTED BY ERCOT. This doesn’t change anything regarding regulatory conditions, it simply means ERCOT knew what they had to do to get approval. DoE may not have initiated the price floor, but they still imposed it.

The letter later referred to this pricing as “a separate mechanism to help ensure this capacity is deployed only when absolutely necessary.”

Webber, the professor at the University of Texas at Austin, said that cost was a “minimum price” that would ensure plants permitted to bypass environmental restrictions were not given an unfair advantage.

“Emissions controls cost money,” he said. “It would be unfair to let some power plants turn off their emissions controls, which lowers their operational costs, and then to use that lower cost to underbid other generators who responsibly left their controls in place.”

Ted Kury, director of energy studies for the Public Utility Research Center at the University of Florida, said “when wholesale prices get high, the market operator is actually hoping that this sends a signal to folks to stop using electricity.” That works for, say, large companies — but it often ends up being punitive for residential customers.

Yes, prices are signals, but I think in this case Texans had already got the conserve power message. Soon enough they couldn’t buy it at any price. No “unfair advantage” there. And we can’t think of any way to have tiered pricing without sophisticated computer systems. And we don’t have that. Right?

Still, we must be absolutely sure that hoarders, wreckers, exploiters, and saboteurs – like some Aluminum smelter somewhere in Texas – didn’t use any of that power. They might have achieved 2 or 3 days production at the same electricity cost they’d have a week later. They might have forced their employees to drive to work under disaster conditions, and then made them sign NDAs to prevent anyone from ever finding out what evil businessmen do when old people are freezing to death. Or, some Bitcoin miner might have done the same thing, because they are really evil and they’d have comparatively few employees. Yeah, THOSE guys could get away with it.

Well, at least until the digital meter monitor reported their electricity usage.

Unity is just another word for nothing left to choose

His decades long audition for the job was unsatisfactory. We’ve rejected the application… what 4 times previously?

Plagiarism. Vilifying others for trivial political advantage. Collegiality with racist Senate colleagues. Vicious, cynical, disingenuous sleight of hand against judicial nominees. Demonstrated lack of personal core principles. Indifference to corrupt trading on his political influence. Accelerating incoherence.

The most recent updates to his CV were objectively disqualifying, but the HR Kommittee has bent the rules and forwarded his resume anyway – with a positive recommendation.

So our MSM certified President of the Elect has proclaimed a ‘mandate,’ pledges to be ‘everyone’s’ President, and calls for ‘Unity.’

Definitions of ‘mandate’ have been reversed if we accept this proclamation.

‘Everyone’ now consists of half ‘persons of interest’.

‘Unity,’ hands tied to a chair, is looking at short lengths of rubber hose under a single, unshaded 150 watt CFL in a small, damp, concrete room with a barred door and no windows. Nobody expects the Inquisition Truth and Reconciliation Committee.

That’s what his Electedness’ high status supporters propose: “Truth and Reconciliation Committees.” Which, if not for the Orwellian nuance, might be seen as accepting the truth that Trump isn’t remotely in the same universe as Hitler and, at long last, definitively reconciling to their own proof that the 2016 election wasn’t rigged by the Russians with Trump’s active assistance… and maybe conceding that differences of opinion fall under 1st Amendment protection, not the Salem Witch Trials Protocols. Or, even accepting as unifying that ‘all lives matter’.

They are, however, pretty clear that that’s not how they look at unity. They mean something less charitable, more Borg-ish. Since physical assimilation is beyond their immediate grasp, they’re willing to settle for destroying the reputation and livelihood of anyone who supported Donald Trump, ever. Disuniters by definition. They’re making lists. Achieving the unity omelet requires the breaking of 70 million yeggs.

Of course it does. Because Democrats actually believe their own rhetoric. It’s essential to their feelings of self-worth. The redemption of the United States is only possible via the humiliation of half the population.

Miles Taylor, for example, is unforgiving. You most likely won’t remember Mr. Taylor as ‘Anonymous’ in his NYT editorial fantasy about senior White House staff secretly subverting the President. It isn’t clear whether Anonympus was his pen name or his job title, however. Still the NYT called him a principled conservative “senior administration official,” so it must be true.

Mr. Taylor, whose money follows left wing Democrats, wrote a book (anonymously) to cash in on his NYT editorial fame and, after a stint at Google, is now a CNN contributor despite having blatantly lied to CNN’s Anderson Cooper about his identity on air. Mr. Taylor is a swamp gnat presented by the NYT as an éminence grise. The Time’s motive is clear. Mr. Taylor’s would seem to be merely to profit from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Taylor’s swamp gnat eye view of Americans is this: “We have grown so far apart from each other, I mean, Washington, D.C., is not broken — the American people are broken.” Grown. We’ve grown apart. Passive. No mention of agents. We broke ourselves.

A 2006 High School graduate and holding an MPhil (roughly a Masters) degree in International Relations from Oxford, I doubt Mr. Taylor is actually aware of the 1953 uprising in East Germany, much less Bertolt Brecht’s little poem about it. But Taylor certainly has something in common with the Secretary of the Writers’ Union:

The Solution
After the uprising of the 17th of June
The Secretary of the Writers’ Union
Had leaflets distributed on the Stalinallee
Stating that the people
Had forfeited the confidence of the government
And could only win it back
By increased work quotas. Would it not in that case be simpler
for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?

The Biden campaign promoted its version of unity by putting the Godwin’s law capstone on more than 4 years of portraying Donald Trump as Hitler, using images< of Nazi Germany. This shows up at 49 seconds into the 4 minute video, which unaccountably does not violate YouTube rules:

Other Biden supporters also participated.

If you really believe this, and the core constituency does, then what would you not do to depose the tyrant? Rigging an election is a moral virtue. And rooting out any and all opposition forever is mandatory.

Not only did the Democrats never accept the results of the 2016 election, they want us to accept the 2020 results without scrutiny or complaint. While they threaten us with the result.

Chemical bioengineering

Amy Coney Barrett has been attacked because she received an honorarium for delivering a speech to the Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative legal action group advocating for religious liberty and traditional marriage. This puts them on the wrong side of LGBTQ activists, so the execrable Southern Poverty Law Center has listed ADF as a “hate group.”

SPLC is a malicious, fraudulent, self-aggrandizing scam, but that did not stop then Senator Al Franken from citing them in Barrett’s 2017 Court of Appeals confirmation hearing.

Franken used the SPLC lie that ADF has “defended state-sanctioned sterilization of trans people abroad,” to attack Barrett.

What prompted this post was not one more boringly predictable Leftwing smear on a highly qualified SCOTUS nominee, but the nearly concurrent revelation that Governor Newsom recently signed California Bill AB 2218, establishing the Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund. This fund will provide grants in support of gender transition for all ages, including treatment of minor children with powerful drugs such as Lupron, a hormone stimulant used off-label to suppress normal puberty in children diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Its FDA approved use is to reduce the amount of testosterone in men or estrogen in women to treat advanced prostatic cancer or endometriosis, respectively. These are not diseases of children.

For children the effect is to turn boys into eunuchs and send girls into early-onset menopause.

This is becoming the mainstream medical treatment for sexual confusion in children who may not be able to spell “sexual orientation,” and whose appreciation of the lifetime clinical consequences of such treatment is necessarily limited by their life experience. I don’t claim there is no place for such treatment whatsoever, but “life experience,” as a catch phrase for identity group one-upmanship is intended to imply actual experience.

We might suspect the explosion in the number of children seeking ‘gender’ ‘reassignment’ is mostly due to social media proselytizing. Correlation is not causation, but the timing fits: “[In the UK,] there has been a 4,000 percent increase in girls seeking gender reassignment in the past ten years (from 40 in 2009–10 to 1,806 in 2017–18).

We might reasonably question whether such a powerful drug should be used off-label as a treatment at a time when the effects on a naive patient’s body are irreversible because of rapid growth and sexual maturation during puberty. Among many other very serious side effects, Lupron can cause irreversible sterilization. At minimum it subverts the normal biological development of the brain, muscle tissue, organs, and bones during puberty. There are no long term studies on children who have had their normal puberty suppressed with such drugs.

For children, sex change surgery and powerful hormone treatment are different than for adults. Puberty is a one time opportunity. If you interrupt it, and to the extent you interrupt it, the results are permanent. Worse, there is evidence that a large number of children who believe they are “trapped in the wrong body” later change their minds.

LGBTQ champions dispute studies claiming the number is as high as eighty percent. Some of these studies are a decade old and many have small sample sizes. Of course, a decade ago the sample sizes would have had to have been small relative to the huge increase in ‘transitioning’ children, and we won’t know the results for a decade hence. When it will be too late for these children to change their minds.

I have assembled some links addressing this question from which you may form your own judgment. I have tried to select publications which Progressives will not automatically reject.

This is a 2008 article from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NIH). Many more, and more recent links, are included if you scroll down a little.

The NY Times in 2015, “gender dysphoria in young children is highly unstable and likely to change

A 2017 OpEd in the LA Times, “Gender identity is fixed, but only in adults; the same can’t be said for children, whose gender identity is flexible and doesn’t become stable until puberty.

This is the WaPo from 2018, “It is hard to know exactly what percentage of gender-dysphoric children will end up “desisting.” Some studies suggest that it’s a large majority, but those studies tend to be small, and there is some argument over whether all those kids were truly gender-dysphoric.
Emphasis mine. Well, yes, isn’t that exactly the question?

A 2020 Quillette piece, by a psychologist who treats detransitioned individuals. If you read just one of these, I’d suggest this. “[D]ata regarding the medical transition of children and adolescents is limited. As Dr. James Cantor wrote in a peer-reviewed journal article published last month, there are few studies examining adult outcomes for children who present as transgender; and those few studies indicate that the majority of pre-pubescent children who present as transgender eventually drop their trans identity and desist to their natal sex.

Finally, here’s a 25 minute YouTube video from 2017, which I think gives a good overview of the science we have at this point.

Here, I can’t resist a small digression to ask Progressives about banning off-label use of hydroxychloroquine to ameliorate the CCP virus. They have denounced it because they say there have been no double-blind, clinical, peer reviewed, long term trials (actually, because Trump mentioned it). Its side effects are minuscule compared to Lupron. It is overwhelmingly a treatment for informed adults (they’re the ones in danger from the CCP virus), in an immediate emergency, and does not have unknown long term effects – having been in use for 40 years.

Then, there are the cases where hormones to interrupt puberty are given to children at the discretion of the state. See here, here, here, here, here, here.

California has decided the science of gender reassignment for minor children, who may or may not be transsexual, is settled. This is “state-sanctioned sterilization of trans people in the US.”

But, I will not hold my breath for the SPLC to declare California a “hate group.”

2021 Twitter – trending

What with pandemics and riots it’s easy to lose track of other Leftwing panics. Like net neutrality; psychologically engineered to please large corporations who oppose free speech.

I’m old enough to remember when we were all going to die if the misnamed ‘net neutrality’ protocols weren’t invoked immediately.

The Left doesn’t forget. When they get over their paroxysm over opening the economy, and tire of insisting opposition to arson and looting is racist, they’ll go back to this.

With the full throated support of Silly-Putty Valley lobbyists petitioning the General Government under the provisions of the First Amendment they despise.

The Censoring Left: ‘Net Neutrality’ for Thee – Not for Me

“Net neutrality” is not unlike “defund the police.”

Sexual procurement

Trying my hand at clickbait…

Japanese mayor says only men should be allowed to go grocery shopping during coronavirus crisis because women take too long – Blazing Cat Fur

At first I thought, “This guy is onto something!” Weeks ago, I suggested banning women from garden center, paint, furniture and flooring departments. This would mitigate the human interaction-duration problem Michigan’s Governor used to justify disallowing such sales.

Men generally don’t, for example, take 20 minutes to decide which of the 37 shades of white best match the antique doilies in the guest room.

“That woman in Michigan” couldn’t go as far as a grocery store ban based on sex, though. Can you imagine the embarrassment from a gathering of 1,000 women drivers circling the Capitol building waving their expiring coupons? The coupons they can’t trust their husbands to use?

Would Gretchen tell them, “I don’t want you wandering all over the store picking out things you don’t really need just so you can get the 10th item free,” or, “Down with the Patriarchal oppression of grocery shopping! It’s for your own good.” My bet would have been on the latter until Biden ran into #MeToo problems with Tara Reade.

It occurs to me that the sale of clothing at Meijer’s should have been banned before those other items. Women might squeeze the occasional cucumber, but they run their hands all over clothing they have no intention of buying. And women will bring home three similar (well handled) items, intending to return two, just so they can ask their husbands perilous questions about the fit.

All because there’s a “sale” sign… Make that “SALE!”

Which word should be banned from all signs for the duration. Its use just attracts and encourages women to linger unnecessarily. “Look, a squirrel!”

On reflection, though, I’ve decided banning women from grocery shopping is a bridge too far. First, then I might have to do it. I’m not trusted with coupons for good reason. For example, I won’t stop at three stores to use coupons to save $0.92.

Second, I’m afraid men would be excluded from hardware and gun stores.