C’mon, Man!

I’d like to supply a link to the WaPo or NYT on this point, since that makes it nearly impossible for Progressive useful idiots to deny. But Wapo and NYT seem to be MIA.

Since I participate in neither Twitter nor Facebook, I cannot say if it has been shadow banned, buried, or otherwise demoted on those plotforms. (Not a typo.)

It is reportable news that far more than half of Americans would like to ponder (Trump voters plus Democrats who don’t believe men can just decide they’re women for purposes of Track or Rugby), from a video of a Chuck Schumer press conference. It should be highlighted by the papers which editorially support the idea, but reporting it might disturb the somnolence of some mail in voters.

Schumer Says He Agrees With Biden On Giving Transgender Students Access To Sports, Bathrooms, And Locker Rooms

What I want to know is how Chuck Schumer even dare comment? Let me show you why, in SJW speak:

Schumer: “Speaking as an ancient, privileged, white, elite, heterosexual male – who championed the Biden/Clinton 1994 crime bill in the House… I fully support Joe Biden’s idea that the Federal Government should ensure females of any age have no protection from males in contact sports, are forced to share shower facilities, and cannot feel secure in public bathrooms generally.”

Isn’t this the very epitome of cultural appropriation? “Woke” is a culture, right?

Real empathy

Ann Althouse is sarcastic about trans-female athletes:

Today, the pressure to be empathetic toward transgenders is so great that I believe women, known for our empathy and our desire to appear compassionate, will let go of competitive sports and return to the inclinations that dominated back in the days when I went to high school. It’s a trade-off, a trade-off between the potential for athletic victory and the feeling of being kind and inclusive. The latter is something quite valuable and within the reach of all women. The former is a dream, and it’s only a dream for an elite few among women.

I find her reasoning sarcastically oversubtle as well as specious.

True empathy would not involve women giving up on sports, just giving up on winning (which she does mention). More women should enter sports to ensure the transgenders can boost their self esteem and have a legal way to seriously injure real women in the MMA. That’s how women can be most empathetic, and such self-effacement is easily within the reach of even more women than currently play sports.

After all, without women, who are the female impersonators going to defeat?

Update: 3:20PM.

I finished this post and then read a few comments at Althouse, where she resists admitting sarcasm. If that is accurate, here’s exactly what Althouse supposes women will forgo, and that is very, very sad:

Update: Feb-18-20 3:43PM
Later visit to Althouse: She took quite a bit of flack in comments on her post; compelling a second post in defense of the first. She claims Glenn Reynolds’, “So, traditional-gender-roles folks, you have the trans crowd to thank for returning us to the 1950s!” correctly interprets her point.

To me that sounds like sarcasm was the point, but she refuses to entertain such interpretation. She goes to a lot of trouble to say she was simply making a neutral prediction that female empathy will overcome female competitive drive in sports: Because the majority of females in sports will prefer to abandon competition in favor of “compassion and empathy” for transgenders.

Right there you have evidence that transgender women aren’t women. Where’s the transgender empathy for real women?

Who needs some empathy? Female impersonators? Or real women denied success because the female impersonators got permission from cowed bureaucrats to deny their (the impersonators) biology?

Althouse isn’t, she says discreditably, taking a position on the question of transgender “women” competing with actual females, she is just predicting an outcome based on her estimation of actual female psyches. For a retired female law professor, she proposes a surprisingly dim, pinched, and patronizing view of actual females.

For a female law professor and less than obscure blogger: Eschewing any position on anti-scientific, misogynist aggression against females is, in fact, a position. That the aggression is transgender doesn’t dial the female empathy obligation up to 11.

To invoke one of her themes, I call it “civility bullshit.”

Freshman places third in Virginia wrestling tournament

And, oh yeah, the wrestler is a 103 pound female.

From the Washington Times:
Nobles: High-school wrestler Firen Gassman, for doing a man’s job better than the men.

At 103 pounds, Gassman is quite normal for a 15-year-old girl. The Herndon High freshman, however, is not what many would consider normal. At least, making history isn’t what occupies most girls at her age. “It was never a specific goal of mine when I was really young [to become a wrestler], more like a dream,” she said to The Examiner. Well, now that dream has led her to being the first female wrestler to compete at the Virginia AAA state tournament.

In fact, Gassman is getting rather accustomed to making history. She was the first female to win the Concorde District Tournament and has posted a 43-8 record. Said one opponent who has managed to beat Gassman: “Even though she isn’t as strong as a lot of the guys, technique-wise she’s as good as anybody.” With a record like that, no kidding.

She even has a sense of humor about it, too. Posing in a picture for The Examiner, she’s sporting a t-shirt that reads “Man’s oldest sport.”

The best of luck to this week’s Noble, Firen Gassman.

“Be less impressed about her being a girl, and be more impressed about her being a freshman,” said Bill Hildbold, Herndon director of student activities.

Hear, hear!

From the Washington Post:
Vikings’ Dynamic Duo

Every takedown by Herndon’s Firen Gassman these days is a lunge at history. She may not even realize it, however — and she may not even care all that much.

In winning the Virginia AAA Concorde District 103-pound title last weekend, the freshman became the first female district champion in the history of the Virginia High School League. If she places in the top four at the Northern Region tournament at Hayfield this weekend, she’ll become the first female to reach a VHSL state meet.

“I would say that she’s vaguely aware of what everything means, but she’s not done yet,” Herndon Coach Tyler Andersen said. “She’s just not satisfied with being the first girl to win districts. She wants to be the first girl to win the region, the first girl to make states and the first girl to place at states.”

For Gassman, a state champion last summer in both the freestyle and Greco-Roman boys’ divisions, a district title was practically expected. At 39-7 this year, she has pinned 19 of her opponents and scored eight major decisions.

And the best from The Washington Examiner:
Pint-sized pioneer

“It was never an issue because our team already knew Firen and to them she’s not just a girl, she’s a wrestler,” said Herndon coach Tyler Andersen.

Gassman, for one, understands the pressure her opponents face.

“That’s why I really appreciate the boys who will wrestle me because it’s a lose-lose situation for them,” Gassman said. “If they win they were supposed to and if they lose they get made fun of. So they either come out really timid and back off or they come out aggressive and prove they can handle it. I like that aggressiveness because it makes me a better wrestler.”

When Firen Gassman (picture) grows up, she won’t be like Nancy Hopkins or Susan Estrich, both of whom are less interested in winning than they are in males losing.

When will NOW declare Firen Gassman day? Oh… right, Nancy Hopkins and Susan Estrich typify NOW.