Temporal Cassandra

From 1959. 26 minutes. From the comments: "Ayn Rand was a time traveler sent to the past to inform the future of its fate." The sad thing is that Mike Wallace was so much better than today's talking heads. For example, Cathy Newman. In hindsight, we know Mike was a Leftist. He may have lacked… Continue reading Temporal Cassandra

Of broad scope; comprehensive, universal

You needn’t actually read any of the following articles, I’m using the headlines to set up a point. Joe Biden denied Communion at Mass because of abortion stance– Oct 2019 Washington’s soon-to-be cardinal says he won’t deny Joe Biden Communion– Nov 2020 Pope Francis sends greeting to President Biden, contrasting with sharper message from head… Continue reading Of broad scope; comprehensive, universal

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm thankful the Pilgrims' realization that collectivism causes misery and creates poverty still resonates enough 400 years later that most of us continue to respect the ideas of freedom of conscience, individual liberty, and free markets. Despite over 100 years of accelerating totalitarian attempts to destroy them from within. In "Of Plymouth Plantation, ... the… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving


God Fearers An Open Letter to Christian Readers of Jordan Peterson & Roger Scruton by James Bryson This should be widely read. It is an astute connection of Peterson and Scruton with current religious, cultural and political issues. The only objectionable error is referring to them as ‘conservative,’ when they are both liberal in the… Continue reading Canonical


Beto Targets Tax-Exempt Status of Churches Opposing Gay Marriage The power to tax is the power to destroy. Beta O'Rourke just invoked that taxation power to threaten every church, college, or charity - any institution - which does not toe what should be now be known as the KGBT Line. "K" is close enough to… Continue reading The KGBT

Meaning and Millennials

"I think that often people come to the conclusion that life is meaningless because that is a better conclusion to come to than the reverse, because if life is meaningless, well then who cares what you do. But if life is meaningful, if what you do matters, then everything you do matters, and that puts… Continue reading Meaning and Millennials