Keep Wretched out of the White House

Never mind that a Joe Biden Presidency would significantly raise middle class taxes. Don't worry about a return to the living conditions of 1850 because Joe's puppeteers embrace the Green Ordeal and intend to socialize health care. Ignore the fact that the DOJ, FBI, CIA, certain senior members of the House and Senate, and Obama… Continue reading Keep Wretched out of the White House

96 Tears

"We'll be together for just a little while. And then I'm gonna put you way down here." -? and the Mysterians The reasons anyone would prefer Joe Biden for president range from habitual ignorance, to Trump Derangement Syndrome, to race hustling therapeutic totalitarianism*. Unlike what we're told is the only proper way to regard gender,… Continue reading 96 Tears

Cell phones and cell groups

Idea: A belief, option, or doctrine; a characteristic or controlling principle. Organization: A group of persons associated together for a common purpose and having a set of rules which specify the relations of the individual members to the whole group, and to non-group members. With that, we can parse Joe Biden's advice not to worry… Continue reading Cell phones and cell groups

“a tyranny of the entitled masses”

The Tyranny of Fragility: How Alexis De Tocqueville Foretold the Rise of Victimhood Culture Tocqueville had direct knowledge of the Revolution of 1789. He would recognize BLM, Antifa, and a host of Democrats providing tacit support as modern Jacobins. The fate of Robespierre is not probably entirely lost on Harris, Pelosi, and Schumer, but they… Continue reading “a tyranny of the entitled masses”

Calinferno – Anthropogenic Regional Malfeasance

I don't want an argument about irrelevancies, so let's stipulate that warming of the earth is a factor in California's infernos. For our purposes here, it's irrelevant. Whether it's anthropogenic or not, California doesn't control it. What they could control, they leave to chance. Claims that wildfires started by lightning can be ameliorated today in… Continue reading Calinferno – Anthropogenic Regional Malfeasance

Lined with silver?

I assume you’ve seen this, but JIC you haven’t. It’s a devastating take on the half century (or more, depending) of Big Blue cities (New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, etc., etc.) governance. Baltimore's last Republican city councillor left office 73 years ago. Baltimore's Mayors have been solely Democrats since 1967.… Continue reading Lined with silver?


Thýma is Greek for "victim." I was looking for a way to encapsulate an idea I named the 'Victimhood Competency Hierarchy' in a 2019 post. I suggested development of a spreadsheet to clarify who has the biggest claim to victimhood, and therefore power, in such a hierarchy. This is important to white, heterosexual, males who… Continue reading Thýmarchy

What do CAGW and CCP virus have in common?

Models. Models built by sinecured credentialists for careerist advantage; enabling anti-human busybodies, corporate elites and autocratic politicians to demand policies commanding the lives of ordinary people. That both sets of models, and the ensuing policies, have been failures is not a coincidence. Neither is the refusal of the busybodies, elites, or politicians to apply the… Continue reading What do CAGW and CCP virus have in common?

Rounding up

I think you have probably heard that St. Louis lawyers Mark and Patricia McCloskey became a viral sensation when they displayed firearms to fend off a large, violent crowd of trespassers. No shots fired. I immediately thought of Joe Biden’s advice on home defense: "[If] you want to keep someone away from your house, just… Continue reading Rounding up

We have always been at war with Thunbergia

For the people who read Orwell as an instruction manual it is not merely a question of whether 2+2=5, or whether “freedom is slavery,” or "silence is violence," or memory holing contrarian commentary about BLM, or Trans activism, or Feminism, or the CCP virus - climate alarmism must also be made safe from debate. On… Continue reading We have always been at war with Thunbergia