The blockheadchain

You may wonder why the Democrats are so worried about increasing the debt ceiling since they need no GOP votes to do it. Are they embarrassed about their insistence that spending $3.5 trillion is costless? Who knows? The Dems do have a Plan B. There are some ifs: If mining and refining an ounce of… Continue reading The blockheadchain

Agar Agar a medium used to grow bacteria in petri dishes. Facebook is the social media equivalent. Personally, I detest Facebook. But the recent spew of Maim Scream Media™ stories about the company are not what they seem. These are based on "shocking" revelations, which are neither new nor surprising. Is there really anyone who believes… Continue reading Agar Agar

The Waters method

That's Maxine "you create a crowd, and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere," Waters. _______________________________________________________________________________ So? Trespass and then stalk a United States Senator into the bathroom, yelling at her because she opposes illegal immigration? That's, "Part of the process." says Joe Biden, surrounded by the Secret… Continue reading The Waters method

Every decent man

Just in time for H. L. Mencken's birthday. Mark Steyn, perhaps Mencken's closest modern counterpart, brings us these notes: Bush Re-Enters the Room The Years We Wasted As Mencken wrote:“Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.” ------------ "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed – and… Continue reading Every decent man


Charles Murray reviews a leftwing tome on the topic in the Claremont Review of Books: Meritocracy's Cost Check it out and come back. Jordan Peterson frequently points out that hierarchies are natural and inevitable, from lobster fights to human IQ, and that hierarchies tend to corruption. This is the framework for "absolute power corrupts…” The… Continue reading Corruptarky

Peter “Jussie” Hotez

Dr. Peter Hotez was mentioned yesterday for his suggestion that hate crime laws be extended to the speech of anyone criticizing scientists bureaucrats he likes. Pointing out that Anthony Fauci lies about 'the science', for example, should be punished with jail time. Despite the fact that Fauci has admitted he lied. Dr. Hotez naturally asked… Continue reading Peter “Jussie” Hotez