Charles Murray reviews a leftwing tome on the topic in the Claremont Review of Books: Meritocracy's Cost Check it out and come back. Jordan Peterson frequently points out that hierarchies are natural and inevitable, from lobster fights to human IQ, and that hierarchies tend to corruption. This is the framework for "absolute power corrupts…” The… Continue reading Corruptarky

Credit when due

It's been quite awhile since TOC's poster child for woke-feminist cluelessness made an appearance here. She first came to my notice in March, 2006, before "woke" was a thing. There was a controversy at the time over the admittance to Yale of Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, who had been a Taliban 'diplomat' in the Afghan Embassy… Continue reading Credit when due

Losing the TERF War

THE WAR ON STANDARDS, WOKE U.S. ARMY EDITIONThe U.S. Army apparently has decided to gender-norm scores on the test it administers for combat fitness... women will be judged based on how they perform in relation to other women. This radical change is a response to the unsurprising fact that women are failing the Army’s combat… Continue reading Losing the TERF War

Rules for Radicals v1.0

A friend sent the the first quote following the other day as a post topic, and I've added another from the same source:"Undermine the enemy first, then his army will fall to you. Subvert him, attack his morale, strike at his economy, corrupt his leaders, sow internal discord. Destroy him." “All warfare is based on… Continue reading Rules for Radicals v1.0

John Kerry, belatedly, proven right

Qasem Soleimani, deceased commander of the Quds Force (Iran's amalgam of the CIA and Navy Seals), a division of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps - designated as a terrorist organization last year - has a long history of conducting war against the United States. He helped plan the attack on our Benghazi diplomatic facilities. He… Continue reading John Kerry, belatedly, proven right

Rainbows everywhen

If Ye Break Faith With Us... -Mark Steyn on 11/11/2001[T]hough we can scarce grasp what they symbolize, this year the poppies are hard to find. Three Canadian provinces had sold out by last Monday, and by the time you read this the rest of the Royal Canadian Legion's entire stock of 14.8 million will likely… Continue reading Rainbows everywhen