Wizards of Oz?

Yes. Compared to Joe Biden, these Aussie public servants are Wizards: Evacuate the dogs? No worries. I would say, "Thanks Australia! I never thought I'd to be able to use that image twice in the the same year." But I can't. National Lampoon didn't actually shoot the dog(s). The NSW council did. Because CCP virus.… Continue reading Wizards of Oz?

The Democrat version of the 2nd Amendment

Paraphrasing President Animatronic Simulation (no, that's not redundant): "The government has F-15's and nuclear weapons. Resistance is futile. Give up your guns." I do not think this demonstration of exactly why we have a 2nd Amendment was the intent. The intent was intimidation. For an extensive look at what Joe's remarks would entail, see this.… Continue reading The Democrat version of the 2nd Amendment

Rounding up

I think you have probably heard that St. Louis lawyers Mark and Patricia McCloskey became a viral sensation when they displayed firearms to fend off a large, violent crowd of trespassers. No shots fired. I immediately thought of Joe Biden’s advice on home defense: "[If] you want to keep someone away from your house, just… Continue reading Rounding up

“Oodles,” he estimated.

Bernie Sander's mouthpiece, below, must be including in his stats the 150 million Americans Joe Biden says were killed by guns since 2007. That would push US population to around 480 million. So, if everyone went bankrupt every year, this would just be a rounding error: Bernie's Press Secretary Says 500 Million Americans Go Bankrupt… Continue reading “Oodles,” he estimated.

A simile is like a metaphor

Massachusetts Ban on Most Self-Defense Firearms Violates Second Amendment | Cato @ LibertyThe trial judge followed the lead of the Maryland case of Kolbe v. Hogan (in which Cato filed a brief supporting a petition to the Supreme Court), misconstruing from a shred of the landmark 2008 Supreme Court opinion in District of Columbia v.… Continue reading A simile is like a metaphor

Self-Defense Free Zones

Gun control groups take aim at Michigan deadly force bills Brought to you by the same people who predicted that there would be blood in the streets when Michigan eliminated its entirely arbitrary rules for issuance of concealed carry permits. Now, they want to ensure that if someone breaks into your home, and if you… Continue reading Self-Defense Free Zones