Directors of Hatcheries and Conditioning

‘Mother’ and ‘father’ are obscenities fit only for adolescents to giggle over!" Virginia Dad Takes On the School Board (paywall, possible alternate source)All this has transformed once-dull school board meetings into increasingly raucous encounters between parents and officials. On so many of the hot-button issues of the day—from mask mandates and lockdowns to critical race… Continue reading Directors of Hatcheries and Conditioning

The Waters method

That's Maxine "you create a crowd, and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere," Waters. _______________________________________________________________________________ So? Trespass and then stalk a United States Senator into the bathroom, yelling at her because she opposes illegal immigration? That's, "Part of the process." says Joe Biden, surrounded by the Secret… Continue reading The Waters method

Child abuse

A good exercise for your local school board: They prepare by reading the article linked below, and then invite parents to a subsequent public debate among the school board members. Maybe it’s framed as, “Resolved: This article is disinformation.” Or, put it on the school’s website and invite public comment. Harrison Bergeron is mentioned. It’s… Continue reading Child abuse

Critical PR Theory

Teachers’ union sues Rhode Island mom over requests for CRT curriculum info"The lawsuit filed Monday in Bristol County Superior Court requests that a judge block the release of “non-public records” and implement “a balancing test that properly assesses the public interest in the records at issue measured against the teacher’s individual privacy rights.”"You may well… Continue reading Critical PR Theory

The Dogmatic method

Contrast with Socratic. From New York to California parents fear to criticize the Marxist indoctrination of their children. The Miseducation of America's Elites In Los Angeles, teachers union leaders think their membership is so arrogant and stupid that teachers must be warned not to publicly flout their disdain for the CCP virus restrictions they use… Continue reading The Dogmatic method

Get thee to a Memery

As memes go, this is the first time I’ve heard of this one. Still, there are T-shirts..."When I was young my father said to me: “Knowledge is Power….Francis Bacon” I understood it as “Knowledge is power, France is Bacon.”I empathize: When I was 9 I read Treasure Island, pronouncing “island” in my head as “Is… Continue reading Get thee to a Memery