I use this as my personal list of interesting websites, your mileage may vary.

2nd Amendment
2nd Amendment Foundation
Gun Owners of America
John Lott’s Website
The Cornered Cat
The Reload

Unclassified Links
Claremont Review of Books
Discourse Magazine – GMU
Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism
Intellectual Takeout
Jordan Peterson
Judicial Watch
Just The News
Mark Steyn
New Discourses
Power Line
Real Clear Politics
Save Women’s Sports
The American Mind
The American Spectator
The Babylon Bee
The Bleat
The Critic
The New Criterion
Victor Davis Hanson

Substack Links
Abigail Shrier – The Truth Fairy
Arnold Kling – In My Tribe
Bari Weiss – Common Sense
Fair for All
Glenn Greenwald
Glenn Loury
Jesse Singal – Singal Minded
Jim Treacher – Who the Hell Is Jim Treacher?
Journal of Free Black Thought
Matt Taibbi – TK News
Mike Solana – Pirate Wires
Walter Kirn – Unbound

Campus Reform
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
Heterodox Academy
Hillsdale College
Minding the Campus
Reason Papers
The Chicago Thinker
The College Fix

Business & Economics
Cafe Hayek
Carpe Diem
Econ Journal Watch
Foundation for Economic Education
Marginal Revolution
Ludwig von Mises Institute
The Library of Economics and Liberty
Zero Hedge

Canadian Content
Blazing Cat Fur
Small Dead Animals
Rebel News
The Post Millennial
Welcome to Absurdistan (substack)

Climate etc. (Judith Curry)
Science and Environmental Policy Project
Watts Up With That?

Independent Women’s Forum

Library of Law and Liberty
Lowering the Bar
The Originalism Blog

Libertarian (more or less)
Cato Institute
Goldwater Institute
Institute for Justice
Reason Magazine
Society Reviews

Reference & Think Tanks
Discover the Networks
Internet Archive
Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction
Just Facts
Mackinac Center for Public Policy
Marxists Internet Archive
Open Culture
Project Gutenberg
Quote Investigator
Take Our Word For It (etymology)
The Daily Signal (Heritage Foundation)
The Internet Speculative Fiction Database
The Open Library
The Public Domain Review
Vindicating the Founders

Science, Math & Science Policy
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Biodiversity Heritage Library
Cell Image Library
Junk Science
Live Science
Philosophy of Science Association
Richard Feynman
Richard Feynman – Official site
Retraction Watch
The Journal of Scientific Practice and Integrity
The New Atlantis

Cover Your Tracks – EFF
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Foresight Nanotech Institute
Privacy Tools
Surveillance Self-Defense