"Rope-a-Dope" as defined by Mrs Bill

Mrs. Bill ropes some dopes. Clinton campaign ropes off reporters at New Hampshire parade Then some reporter gets to ask a question. He asks, “What’s your favorite ice-cream?” She says, ““I like nearly everything.” One would think he might have inquired about her favorite lasso material. Nylon? Jute? Polypropylene? Hemp? He would have received the… Continue reading "Rope-a-Dope" as defined by Mrs Bill

Mrs. Bill doesn’t regret

On Sunday, December 6, Hillary Clinton appeared on ABC’s This Week. The host, donor of $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation and former Communications Director for the Clinton White House – went way off the reservation and asked Mrs. Bill a Benghazi question worthy of Congressman Trey Gowdy. George Stephanopoulos asked her about claims by four… Continue reading Mrs. Bill doesn’t regret

It’s FIB, not FBI

Hillary’s campaign and the DNC paid for the fake, Russian-sourced, Trump dossier, and the FBI was going to continue…:It was an astonishing turn: the nation’s top federal law enforcement agency agreeing to fund an ongoing opposition research project being conducted by one of the candidates in the midst of a presidential election.… Before that, Hillary’s… Continue reading It’s FIB, not FBI

People died then Hillary lied

On the sixteenth anniversary of the 2001 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center and the fifth anniversary of the Benghazi attacks on the American diplomatic facilities in Benghazi: A review by Mark Steyn. The Dishonored Dead The lies Hillary Clinton told over the coffins of the men who died in Benghazi is the… Continue reading People died then Hillary lied

Exercises in authoritarianism

Donald Trump’s unfortunate, if entirely unsurprising recommendation, “Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything you want,” has attracted a by now standard defense from his supporters: “Bill and Hillary are worse.” However, Trump’s comment must be generalized beyond simply promoting sexual assault: He thinks of women as property. In that, he is equal… Continue reading Exercises in authoritarianism

Starting to appear as if a vote for Hillary is a vote for Kaine

I have avoided comment on Hillary’s supposed health issues because the evidence is very thin she has anything seriously wrong. However, added to her general behavior and other recent reports, this is disturbing. Mrs. Bill leaves the WTC ceremony early and in distress: MORE ON #HILLARY per witness: “unexpected early departure”; she stumbled off curb,… Continue reading Starting to appear as if a vote for Hillary is a vote for Kaine