Corporatism behaving predictably

You would be disappointed if you expected a publication called MIT Technology Review would eschew half baked, agenda driven articles about economics. The MIT School of Economics needs to give some remedial instruction to David Rotman, Editor of Technology Review. In a recent article, Capitalism Behaving Badly, he reviews Rethinking Capitalism, A series of essays… Continue reading Corporatism behaving predictably

Axis of Corporatism

Even FDR Understood: No Collective Bargaining for Public Servants Since public servants work for the people, their wages, benefits, and working conditions are set in accordance with the will of the people, as determined by the democratic process. This is why it is not legitimate to ask the people to compromise with public servants in… Continue reading Axis of Corporatism


Corporatism can be defined as the merging of “corporate” interests with those of the state. For a more complete discussion, I recommend Paul Weaver’s The Suicidal Corporation. Corporatism is antithetical to capitalism, though leftists would have you believe otherwise. One way in which corporatism manifests itself is as “going along to get along” by companies… Continue reading Corporatism

There’s nothing liberal about it

This is a follow-up to my post on the desecration of the word “liberal,” starting with excerpts from the papers of a President who served only one term. A national calamity laid him low: Like Cassandra, some people get punishment they don’t deserve. I could have emphasized a lot of it, but I’m pretty sure… Continue reading There’s nothing liberal about it


The ruination of the word in the U.S. arguably started around 1913 with a President openly hostile to a Constitutional Republic. A dedicated racist who RE-segregated the Federal civil service, and an oligarch who bypassed the Bill of Rights with the Espionage Act of 1917 and the Sedition Act of 1918; Woodrow Wilson. His ideas… Continue reading Liberal