“a tyranny of the entitled masses”

The Tyranny of Fragility: How Alexis De Tocqueville Foretold the Rise of Victimhood Culture Tocqueville had direct knowledge of the Revolution of 1789. He would recognize BLM, Antifa, and a host of Democrats providing tacit support as modern Jacobins. The fate of Robespierre is not probably entirely lost on Harris, Pelosi, and Schumer, but they… Continue reading “a tyranny of the entitled masses”

Lined with silver?

I assume you’ve seen this, but JIC you haven’t. It’s a devastating take on the half century (or more, depending) of Big Blue cities (New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, etc., etc.) governance. Baltimore’s last Republican city councillor left office 73 years ago. Baltimore’s Mayors have been solely Democrats since 1967.… Continue reading Lined with silver?

Casteing call

This article is worth reading, maybe more than once. Intersectionality in India: Caste-Based Identity Politics “caste-based identitarianism is in complete contradiction to the aim of abolishing caste… This is the teleological and practical end of the politics of intersectionality that now dominate the political conversation in the United States. The idea that one’s politics must… Continue reading Casteing call

Irony is dead in Seattle

In Seattle’s so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Antifa and BLM stalwarts are employing their newly declared police powers to enforce immigration ‘rules’ and collect ‘taxes.’ “Seattle police encourage anyone in the area who is a victim of extortion to call 911.” And they’re gonna do what, exactly? Pass out free copies of Animal Farm, as… Continue reading Irony is dead in Seattle

Come together.

Right now. Over me. The Beatles’ song title would be apt at George Floyd memorial services. George Floyd’s family says that coming together would be what he would have wanted. Only a vanishingly small minority of humans would not condemn the manner of George Floyd’s killing as disturbing and depraved. You’d think we could all… Continue reading Come together.


The Democratic Party/Media conglomerate has its panties in a knot about the description of Antifa, #MeToo, et. al. as mobs. Well, they have broken windows, preemptively threatened violence against demonstrations they dislike, committed arson, screamed in the faces of their opponents, physically attacked other demonstrators, injured professors during campus “deplatforming” rallies, and battered cars with… Continue reading Mobs