Free speech vs Islamism update

I provide some excerpts from several sources. Please RTWTs at the links provided. First, by the Editors at National Review Online, Free Steyn: On December 4, the Canadian Islamic Congress announced that it had filed a complaint with three of Canada’s “human rights commissions” over an October 2006 article that Steyn had published in Maclean’s,… Continue reading Free speech vs Islamism update

The Mark Steyn Free Enterprise Defense Fund

Mohamed Elmasry, President of the Canadian Islamic Congress, and Professor at Kitchener’s University of Waterloo [my wife’s alma mater], was defending his turf today, “I don’t want the public to think that this is really an Islamic issue or an immigrant issue,” he said, “it is a teenager issue.” Mr. Elmasry was referring to this… Continue reading The Mark Steyn Free Enterprise Defense Fund

Dr. Jordan Peterson

The video clip below is about 5 minutes of a longer interview I recommend to you. It’s a segment discussing the difference between scientific truth and religious truth. On the way it touches on the balancing of order and chaos, moral action, Darwin, heroism, the meaning of music and the fundamental idea of Western Civilization.… Continue reading Dr. Jordan Peterson

Now you’re all a bunch of girls named Francois

The title of this post is taken from an interview Ann Coulter gave to the Globe and Mail, a Toronto newspaper that in better times fancied itself Canada’s Wall Street Journal, but which has devolved into a politically correct version of the New York Times. A more complete quote is: She also took a swipe… Continue reading Now you’re all a bunch of girls named Francois

Obama and McCain are right. Close Guantanamo.

Blogging has been light lately for two reasons. First, I became a grandfather on Friday, June 6th. Second, as a result of storm damage in the Lansing area I’ve been without internet access since Saturday. But, onto the topic of this post’s title. Today’s SCOTUS decision to extend Constitutional protections to enemy combatants – foreign… Continue reading Obama and McCain are right. Close Guantanamo.

Star Chamber

The mock show trial of Mark Steyn and Maclean’s magazine began today in front of the British Columbia Human Rights Commission. You should read the live blog link below, because it is worth knowing how far “hate speech” legislation, and its fellow traveler “hate crime” statutes, can be used to undermine Western Democratic values. I’d… Continue reading Star Chamber

Lessons from Canada

TOC has long pointed out that the United States can profit from observing the consequences of Canadian social experiments. Prominent among these precautionary tales have been socialized medicine and gun bans. Another example is official multi-culturalism. Canadian immigration policy has been to reject the “melting pot,” assimilationist approach in favor of a multi-cultural “mosaic.” Official… Continue reading Lessons from Canada

Ezra Levant 9 AHRC 0

One can hope that public exposure of Ezra Levant’s interrogation by the Alberta Human Rights Commission will produce the revulsion these Star Chambers deserve. If you haven’t been following this, the first 7 video segments are linked here: Proceedings of the Alberta “Human Rights” Commission Ezra’s comments are worthy of an Ayn Rand novel. You… Continue reading Ezra Levant 9 AHRC 0


The bizarre spectacle of various “Human Rights” Commissions in Canada taking up a Canadian Islamic Congress complaint against Maclean’s magazine and Mark Steyn continues. The CIC is on a crusade to prevent any discussion of Islam they don’t like. The post immediately below, Human Rights in Canada, demonstrates that they won’t even accept quoting high… Continue reading Touquemada™