Free speech in Canada, an insider’s view

Rex Murphy, Quotidian Instructor of Canadian Punctured Pretentiousness, writes in the Globe and Mail: Coming to a human rights commission near youOur esteemed human rights commissions are so busy these days, it worries me. The number of these gimlet-eyed scrutineers is, after all, finite. There is, therefore, only a limited store of intellectual energy and… Continue reading Free speech in Canada, an insider’s view

Ezra Levant 9 AHRC 0

One can hope that public exposure of Ezra Levant’s interrogation by the Alberta Human Rights Commission will produce the revulsion these Star Chambers deserve. If you haven’t been following this, the first 7 video segments are linked here: Proceedings of the Alberta “Human Rights” Commission Ezra’s comments are worthy of an Ayn Rand novel. You… Continue reading Ezra Levant 9 AHRC 0

Proceedings of the Alberta "Human Rights" Commission

Updates from Ezra Levant’s appearance before the Alberta “Human Rights” Commission. He’s charged with publishing those Danish cartoons depicting Mohammed in The Western Standard, a Canadian magazine. This is a glimpse of the logical conclusion of Senator McCain’s anti-First Amendment impulses. All Canada has done is to ignore its Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It… Continue reading Proceedings of the Alberta "Human Rights" Commission

Human Rights in Canada

A story to watch. It says a lot about Canada’s McCain-Feingold-on-steroids speech suppression laws. In this instance, it’s the Alberta Human Rights Wallaby Court* Star Chamber Commission. *TOC refers to these tribunals as Wallaby Courts because calling them Kangaroo Courts grants too much respect. My visit to a kangaroo court By Ezra Levant on January… Continue reading Human Rights in Canada

Now you’re all a bunch of girls named Francois

The title of this post is taken from an interview Ann Coulter gave to the Globe and Mail, a Toronto newspaper that in better times fancied itself Canada’s Wall Street Journal, but which has devolved into a politically correct version of the New York Times. A more complete quote is: She also took a swipe… Continue reading Now you’re all a bunch of girls named Francois

Lessons from Canada

TOC has long pointed out that the United States can profit from observing the consequences of Canadian social experiments. Prominent among these precautionary tales have been socialized medicine and gun bans. Another example is official multi-culturalism. Canadian immigration policy has been to reject the “melting pot,” assimilationist approach in favor of a multi-cultural “mosaic.” Official… Continue reading Lessons from Canada

The Mark Steyn Free Enterprise Defense Fund

Mohamed Elmasry, President of the Canadian Islamic Congress, and Professor at Kitchener’s University of Waterloo [my wife’s alma mater], was defending his turf today, “I don’t want the public to think that this is really an Islamic issue or an immigrant issue,” he said, “it is a teenager issue.” Mr. Elmasry was referring to this… Continue reading The Mark Steyn Free Enterprise Defense Fund