Arnold Kling on Substack.
I Condemn. . .But

You say “I condemn. . .but” and then play the whataboutism card. What about “open-air prison? apartheid? occupation?”

Let’s turn around this whataboutism. Did you ever use “open-air prison” to describe a country that is surrounded on all sides by enemies who periodically have launched unprovoked wars? Did you ever use “apartheid” to describe the way that Jews were treated by Arab countries before Israel became a state? Did you ever use “occupation” while making it clear to Arabs and Muslims that it only refers to land acquired in 1967? Or did you let them indulge in drawing maps without Israel, to teach Jew-hatred to their schoolchildren, to chant “from Jordan to the sea,” and to use “occupation” to refer to every square inch of land claimed by the Jewish state?