Washington D.C. riot

I have seen a couple of comments today of the form, “Now, at least, the Left is condemning riots.” I doubt the people who express this sentiment do so unironically.

I’m sure they are aware that while the opportunity to condemn BLAMTIFA looting, arson, and murder has been available for months; it elicited only condonation from Democrats. That violence is not suddenly on the table.

No, The Left sees a different opportunity – legislation. Some ill-advised people protesting election fraud have handed Pelosi and Schumer the keys to the Black Maria with “Do SOMETHiNG!” stenciled on the side.

The legislative response from our newly minted Big Left General Government will turn out worse than their CCP virus policies. Always looking for excuses to expand their takedown of the Constitution, the identity essentialists faction of State Control are aroused and enabled.

2 thoughts on “Washington D.C. riot”

  1. Coming from a country where not long ago “agitator” was a well known word used at political rallies run by the government, I would not be surprised to find out that it was staged and helped along….
    Unfortunately a sapping of vigor and values obvious now on a large scale will prevent any coherent action against this ideology. China, more precisely the chinese communist party is the clear winner.
    It has a worldview antithetic to those the western societies use to have. In my understanding of them letting 1 million ore more of their own countryman die so they can win this “undeclared” war would not surprise me. A few thousand years of documented history gives them the advantage.
    Also the moral depravity of the western elites (very probably many that have taken advantage of the ready availability of fresh human organs) guarantees that we indeed live in interesting times.
    Can you imagine how much they want that market? How naive to think the chines will play “by the rules”? What rules? The golden rule based principles? An atheistic society/group has no morality in that sense.
    The hundreds of millions of butchered people in the last century are a statement to that .
    This level of inhumanity is hard to even imagine here. The discounting of history in education will definitely condemn us to repeating it. Divide et impera!
    Finally now we will get to what I was thinking years back regarding reparations….and gender equality. That last one is the cherry on the top. It is used as a test in domination. As long as you pledge allegiance to the homo globus flag (image of a covenant of the God of Old Testament and His people, appropriation sacrilegious by itself) and the “alphabet people” that proves that you are a card carrying member of the shiple!

    1. Nick,

      I have no doubt false flag operators were involved, but the Democrat leadership and the MSM would say the ends justified such means even if every person there was Antifa.

      “This level of inhumanity is hard to even imagine here,” may yet fall into the categories of many other things that were unimaginable. ‘Deplorables’ is a precursor to ‘sub-human.’