Normalcy bias is probably unwarranted

Dispatch 46: Revolution, Insurgency, and Civil War – we are there

You may not know Michael Yon, but you will probably recognize the picture on this book cover:

Yon took that iconic picture in May 2005, of U.S. Army Major Mark Bieger cradling an Iraqi girl, who was wounded by shrapnel from a car bomb.

Yon served in the Special Forces in the 1980s. He spent more time embedded with combat units than any other journalist in Iraq from 2005 to 2008, when he shifted to Afghanistan. From July 2019 until February 2020, Yon reported from the streets of Hong Kong on the protests. The ChiComs deported him.

He has since moved to reporting first hand on riots, in Portland, Seattle, and Washington D.C.. He’s headed to Atlanta right now.

I’ve read, and recommend, both his books. I respect his opinions.

I give you this background because the link above takes a pessimistic view of the direction the United States is heading. I do not mean to stoke anxiety, but this man is qualified to comment. Not some yahoo.