Unity is just another word for nothing left to choose

His decades long audition for the job was unsatisfactory. We’ve rejected the application… what 4 times previously?

Plagiarism. Vilifying others for trivial political advantage. Collegiality with racist Senate colleagues. Vicious, cynical, disingenuous sleight of hand against judicial nominees. Demonstrated lack of personal core principles. Indifference to corrupt trading on his political influence. Accelerating incoherence.

The most recent updates to his CV were objectively disqualifying, but the HR Kommittee has bent the rules and forwarded his resume anyway – with a positive recommendation.

So our MSM certified President of the Elect has proclaimed a ‘mandate,’ pledges to be ‘everyone’s’ President, and calls for ‘Unity.’

Definitions of ‘mandate’ have been reversed if we accept this proclamation.

‘Everyone’ now consists of half ‘persons of interest’.

‘Unity,’ hands tied to a chair, is looking at short lengths of rubber hose under a single, unshaded 150 watt CFL in a small, damp, concrete room with a barred door and no windows. Nobody expects the Inquisition Truth and Reconciliation Committee.

That’s what his Electedness’ high status supporters propose: “Truth and Reconciliation Committees.” Which, if not for the Orwellian nuance, might be seen as accepting the truth that Trump isn’t remotely in the same universe as Hitler and, at long last, definitively reconciling to their own proof that the 2016 election wasn’t rigged by the Russians with Trump’s active assistance… and maybe conceding that differences of opinion fall under 1st Amendment protection, not the Salem Witch Trials Protocols. Or, even accepting as unifying that ‘all lives matter’.

They are, however, pretty clear that that’s not how they look at unity. They mean something less charitable, more Borg-ish. Since physical assimilation is beyond their immediate grasp, they’re willing to settle for destroying the reputation and livelihood of anyone who supported Donald Trump, ever. Disuniters by definition. They’re making lists. Achieving the unity omelet requires the breaking of 70 million yeggs.

Of course it does. Because Democrats actually believe their own rhetoric. It’s essential to their feelings of self-worth. The redemption of the United States is only possible via the humiliation of half the population.

Miles Taylor, for example, is unforgiving. You most likely won’t remember Mr. Taylor as ‘Anonymous’ in his NYT editorial fantasy about senior White House staff secretly subverting the President. It isn’t clear whether Anonympus was his pen name or his job title, however. Still the NYT called him a principled conservative “senior administration official,” so it must be true.

Mr. Taylor, whose money follows left wing Democrats, wrote a book (anonymously) to cash in on his NYT editorial fame and, after a stint at Google, is now a CNN contributor despite having blatantly lied to CNN’s Anderson Cooper about his identity on air. Mr. Taylor is a swamp gnat presented by the NYT as an éminence grise. The Time’s motive is clear. Mr. Taylor’s would seem to be merely to profit from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Taylor’s swamp gnat eye view of Americans is this: “We have grown so far apart from each other, I mean, Washington, D.C., is not broken — the American people are broken.” Grown. We’ve grown apart. Passive. No mention of agents. We broke ourselves.

A 2006 High School graduate and holding an MPhil (roughly a Masters) degree in International Relations from Oxford, I doubt Mr. Taylor is actually aware of the 1953 uprising in East Germany, much less Bertolt Brecht’s little poem about it. But Taylor certainly has something in common with the Secretary of the Writers’ Union:

The Solution
After the uprising of the 17th of June
The Secretary of the Writers’ Union
Had leaflets distributed on the Stalinallee
Stating that the people
Had forfeited the confidence of the government
And could only win it back
By increased work quotas. Would it not in that case be simpler
for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?

The Biden campaign promoted its version of unity by putting the Godwin’s law capstone on more than 4 years of portraying Donald Trump as Hitler, using images< of Nazi Germany. This shows up at 49 seconds into the 4 minute video, which unaccountably does not violate YouTube rules:

Other Biden supporters also participated.

If you really believe this, and the core constituency does, then what would you not do to depose the tyrant? Rigging an election is a moral virtue. And rooting out any and all opposition forever is mandatory.

Not only did the Democrats never accept the results of the 2016 election, they want us to accept the 2020 results without scrutiny or complaint. While they threaten us with the result.