Fight fiercely, Harvard

Fight fiercely, Harvard
fight, fight, fight!
Demonstrate to them our skill
Albeit they possess the might
Nonetheless we have the will

-Tom Lehrer

While the majority of the Maim Scream Media™ is parroting Chinese Communist Party talking points because of the Trump Derangement Syndrome Pandemic, it’s worthwhile to review the general tenor of Communist China.

China’s Coming Upheaval

Xi Jinping has implemented precisely the agenda of which the Progs accuse Trump

In 2018, Xi decided to abolish presidential term limits, signaling his intention to stay in power indefinitely. He has indulged in heavy-handed purges, ousting prominent party officials under the guise of an anticorruption drive. What is more, Xi has suppressed protests in Hong Kong, arrested hundreds of human rights lawyers and activists, and imposed the tightest media censorship of the post-Mao era. His government has constructed “reeducation” camps in Xinjiang, where it has incarcerated more than a million Uighurs, Kazakhs, and other Muslim minorities. And it has centralized economic and political decision-making, pouring government resources into state-owned enterprises and honing its surveillance technologies.

…but that’s OK because at least Harvard can prevent individual Chinese students from admittance because they display “poorer personal qualities than white applicants”… or something. By that, they do not mean “we prefer football players to those suspected of eating bat soup and pangolin fritters.”

Sometimes individuals must be sacrificed for the greater good of collectives to which they do not belong. That’s not racist if you have ‘reasons,’ while the phrase “Wuhan virus” is racist if uttered by the Orange Man.

When Barack Obama was president “Chicago” was a racist word.

Place names are racist as required.

As is Harvard.