Four minutes.

Until we see several orders of magnitude better battery energy density (we’re not even close), and we are mining lithium in space, while still also dedicating 30% of the land area in every state to wind and solar generation, and power storage, nuclear power is the clear choice to reduce carbon emissions and maintain a standard of living not tied to near feudal era definitions of good quality of life. Human life is not what is meant by ‘sustainable’ in the renewable power scenario.

By eliminating carbon emissions nuclear power would seem to be a perfect solution, but dedicated Greens say it’s too risky. Well, we have designs from the 1960s that pretty much eliminate the problem.

Also, you’re aware that Teslas spontaneously combust on a regular basis? How do you feel about 20 tons of those batteries piled up in every neighborhood?

The envirostatists ‘sustainability’ mantra comes with a caveat: There are too many of us, living in too much ease. And it must stop.