Happy 14th Anniversary

…to The Other Club.

The Other Club has had a lot to say about free speech, so here are some selections on that topic from the past: Rotted links, mysterious artifacts from the Blogger editor constraints, and interesting HTML from converting to WordPress included:

March 2005
Quixote/Pollyanna and the 1st Amendment

November 2005
“the press?”

February 2006
Tooned out

June 2007
Vast bi-partisan conspiracy

January 2008
Ezra Levant 9 AHRC 0

March 2009
No fishwrap left behind

April 2010
Everybody Burn a Flag with Mohammed’s Image Day

October 2011
NY State Senators: We need Canada’s speech laws

September 2012
Diplomatic note to the shores of Tripoli:

May 2013
Obanana Republic

February 2014
The deep slumber of a decided opinion

May 2015
Speech impediments

January 2016
Trump: Obnoxious blowhards using the First Amendment just cause trouble

August 2017
The most consequential American free-speech case in half-a-century

January 2018
Jordan Peterson on Chan4

January 2019
Dressing like that is ‘asking for it’

Mark Steyn features in a couple of the above links, and here’s an update on the August 2017 link.
A Cockwomble Reaches for The Hockey Stick

Steyn could use your help defending himself against Michael “Hokeystick” Mann and Cary “Crazy” Katz.

Punitive lawfare is a preferred weapon of the anti-freedom-of-speech brigade, and Steyn is at the forefront of the fight because he wouldn’t abase himself.

Buy a book, a mug, a t-shirt, a CD, or, better yet join The Mark Steyn Club.

His fight is your fight.