Construction Complete – Sticky

The move from otherclub. blogspot. com is functionally complete, and I will make all new posts to this site.

If you arrived here from a search, you’re seeing a home page instead of what you searched for.  Please re-enter your search in the box at upper right.  There’s a 99.9% chance that what you’re looking for was successfully transferred from my blogspot blog.

I placed my last Google content contribution on the old blog, with a link to this site, though you shouldn’t have to click the new address: All traffic from blogspot is now being re-directed here.

There are some issues with the conversion.

1) The TOC links to other TOC posts should take you to the correct page here, but I’m experiencing a mystery on some of them in testing. It would help me a lot if you let me know if you experience a “not found” problem.

2) The conversion software has a flaw that randomly (apparently) causes text to change size. I know how to fix it, but for over 2,500 posts, I don’t know if I’ll ever bother. It’s not terrible.

Anyway, welcome to the new TOC. Comments and criticisms welcome.