They keep using that word. I don’t think it means what they think it means. But, that matters not. (They, by the way, includes the Left and reflexive Trumpists.)

As I feared, Donald Trump is coming to be accepted as a ‘conservative,’ which is damaging to the perception of conservative ideas.  There is a look at what’s happening because of Trump’s lack of coherent thought in this Jonah Goldberg piece.

Max Boot is clearly not very self-aware, and admits he never thought much for himself. In fact, he’s still probably not thinking for himself. And that’s the point: As Trump more and more becomes the definition of ‘conservative’ for the unthinking, the word becomes anathema for most voters.

Perhaps Boot isn’t the best example, so; further evidence of the ruination of the word ‘conservative.’ Yesterday, I caught 5 minutes of Rush Limbaugh wherein he was severely castigated for two occasions when he suggested conservatives might consider calling themselves ‘problem solvers,’ in order to get past initial resistance to their ideas and arguments.

That’s Rush; of Advanced Conservative Studies fame. He defended himself by pointing out it was just a label, and he wasn’t advocating changing any principles. Nonetheless, defining ‘conservative’ is now in the hands of the Progressives. He admitted it.

Thank The Donald for what now gets labeled conservative thought. The President’s intemperate bombast has enabled the Progressives to define “conservative” as “Trumpist.” If you don’t agree, an explanation would be helpful. I’m not interested in an explanation of why people should be called “cucks,” I’ve heard all that.  What I want to know is how Trump’s values on, for example, spending, trade, federalism and civil liberties square with the idea of limited government.  If we can’t agree that last is a conservative principle… well then, you will have demonstrated my point..

If you need a list, explain these Trump approved ideas:

Eroding the First Amendment by “broadening the libel laws.”
Crony-capitalist insider bribery.
Government funded healthcare for everyone.
Ordering our troops to kill the families of terrorists.
Trade wars.

I was complaining about this phenomenon a decade ago, although the prime offender was different. With a few names changed to afflict the guilty, most of that post could be considered current.

Oh well, I’ve been calling myself a classical liberal/libertarian for quite some time. Too bad Rush didn’t think of it. Everyone else should.