Strangers to dysphoria

I’d be bemused by SJW cognitive dissonance about violence if it weren’t increasingly dangerous.

On second thought, ‘cognitive dissonance’ isn’t quite right since it leaves you feeling at least vaguely dysphoric about holding diametrically opposed views. Like that feeling you get that your XX chromosomes should be XY.

Let’s call it cognitive insentience, which adds an appropriate oxymoronicity. It’s a characteristic of NPCs. Oops, if I used Twitter I’d get banned for that.

On one hand the NPCs cognitive insentients are telling us speech is violence so as to justify silencing speakers they disagree with – in some cases employing actual violence against the speakers – when they could just as easily not attend the lectures. On the other hand they claim that stalking and harassment of those they disagree with is merely “well-justified, passionate” participatory democracy.

Meanwhile, Chief Cognitive Insentient Maxine Waters has a perfect right to urge the mob on.