The Democratic Party/Media conglomerate has its panties in a knot about the description of Antifa, #MeToo, et. al. as mobs. Well, they have broken windows, preemptively threatened violence against demonstrations they dislike, committed arson, screamed in the faces of their opponents, physically attacked other demonstrators, injured professors during campus “deplatforming” rallies, and battered cars with steel batons while usurping police powers. That’s not a comprehensive list, and I didn’t include the individuals attacking people like Steve Scalise and Rand Paul, but don’t forget the urging to violence from individuals like Maxine Waters, Kathy Griffin, Cher, Eric Holder, Madonna, Jackson Cosko, or Loretta Lynch.

This is mob behavior. The Dem/Media conglomerate defends it; they don’t like the word. They forget they labelled the tea party protesters as a mob, while the tea party committed none of the crimes listed above.

We even left demonstration sites cleaner than we found them.

If the tea party was a “mob,” then these Progressive objections are right – the current protesters are not a mob. They’re much worse. Maybe we should call them goon groups.

I favor Thuggees, but I’m afraid it’s a tad esoteric for the average CNN/MSNBC viewer.