Full of sound and fury, signifying complacence to tyranny

I’m tired of “the memo.” I don’t watch television news, I barely listen to the radio. I like it quiet. But, I do read – stuff leaks in around the edges.

Of course, the FBI agents (D, Swamp) and DOJ personnel (D, Deep State) who, at the least, used unverified Democrat oppo-research to manipulate the FISA Court are to be condemned. And they should face severe punishment pour encourager les autres. However, the real problem is the surveillance state.

Rand Paul and Justin Amash, for example, have been trying to do something about that. Les autres? Not so much.

Yes, entrenched bureaucrats acted politically; which is to say, immorally. No surprise there. It’s precisely why the power of the State needs to be dialed back. There’s no other solution.

We need to return to a rule of law fitting the Constitution. But who is talking about that?