Feminists outraged

Well, they ought to be, anyway.

Oxford University extends time for maths and computer science exams in bid to help women get better grades
Because Patriarchy, I guess; and the need for equality of outcome.

An alternate headline could have been, “Most Oxford females 17% slower than most males in math” Sub-head: “Women who can compete equally shortchanged.”

It is not clear from the article if males were also given extra time. If males were given equal opportunity, it would be interesting to know if there was any change in males’ scores. And, if males improved, and if the grades are on a curve; did male scores improve enough to negate the females’ increased scores.

A document obtained by the Times, under Freedom of Information laws, showed that faculty at the university believed the changes could: ‘mitigate the… gender gap that has arisen in recent years, and in any case the exam should be a demonstration of mathematical understanding and not a time trial.’

Well, maybe, but time has value in the real world. Say, in how much you get paid. Maybe these women will just have to work 17% more hours.

Finally, what’s with “gender gap that has arisen in recent years?” I thought it was the result of centuries of patriarchal oppression.