What Trump should have said about Charlottesville:

“People who insist only black lives matter are fighting people who claim white lives are superior over whether inanimate historical objects do, or should, celebrate the political ideology of Jefferson Davis, Woodrow Wilson, Bull Conner and Robert Byrd.

As a result of this “contretemps of the racists” an innocent woman died. Sad. Very, very sad.

What is wrong with you people?”

The press would have been forced to parse it, Trump’s point would have been made unassailably, he would have looked more literate than he actually is, the MSM-splaining from CNN/MSNBC/etc. would have looked foolish when they denied its truth, the Democrats would have been apoplectic, and, as red meat for the base, it is even more incendiary-standard-Trump than what he actually said. Win-win-win-win-win-win.

Trump has a communications team who are unable to modify the trajectory of stupid that characterizes the man’s reality-TV ‘reality.’ It’s a wonder he has the requisite autonomic nervous system.

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