A cynical nod toward pseudo-federalism

It’s not the Freedom Caucus preventing repeal, it’s GOP “moderates” and the President.

The New GOP Health Care Bill Shows Republicans Have Given Up on Fully Repealing Obamacare

Republicans in Congress have given up on fully repealing Obamacare.

Instead, they have decided they want to leave pieces of it in place, along with a system of tweaks and opt-outs that require federal permission and may never be used. And even that may be too much for some GOP moderates.

“GOP moderates” = Democrats Light.

The Freedom Caucus has been blamed for blocking repeal of Obamacare. President Trump said they would “hurt the entire Republican agenda.” They were pilloried as “extreme right wing” by the press.

It turns out they’re the only ones who want to keep the promise of Obamacare repeal.

It turns out Trump is the cuckservative.

1 thought on “A cynical nod toward pseudo-federalism”

  1. I had a thought last October: Well, there would be two good things about a however unlikely Trump presidency. The obvious being that Clinton would not be President. The other was that neither party in Congress would support anything he advocated.Of course this is a blessing with curses embedded, such as the fact that we will have Obamacare forever.He is a comic version of Teddy Roosevelt.