Free to Choose

As I noted on May 30th, posts have been few and far between. I’ve had some serious health issues, which are now under control. I’m still in rehab, but I don’t want to leave August 2016 blank at TOC, and a recent Reason Magazine article on Gary Johnson’s polling prompts me to repeat and expand something I wrote on May 4th, when it became apparent Donald Trump would be the GOP presidential nominee.

If you are frustrated and angry that you’ve been given a choice between Scyllary and Charybdisser don’t feel forced to choose. You don’t have to vote for either of them. Voting third party is not the same as voting Trump or Clinton, though their acolytes will insist failure to pick their brand of evil is a vote for the alternate evil. This demonstrates a moral failure on their part, not on yours.

Donald Trump could have had your vote if you weren’t such a PC fool. Worse, if you actually do vote for Hillary, it’s like voting for Hillary twice! Leave that to the Democrats.

Hillary Clinton could have had your vote if you could simply suppress your gag reflex. Worse, if you vote for Trump he’s going to do pretty much the same things as Mrs. Bill, but you’ll have failed to recognize the cosmic importance of electing the first president to acknowledge having a vagina.

Of course, this rule means not voting at all is simultaneously a vote for Trump and Clinton. It gets confusing.

In fact, your vote is a vote for the person you vote for and any claim to the contrary by RepubliCrats is simply bullshit.

In Trump’s case it’s just preparing the ground for the post-election recrimination. There will be much rending of garments and gnashing of teeth among devoted Trump fans when he crashes and burns, but those who are at fault are those who made Trump the nominee – NO ONE ELSE. Don’t let their pre-disaster buyers’ remorse De-vote you.

I’m told that Hillary is far worse. Well, at least marginally more terrible than The Donald. That’s an assertion that is not demonstrated to me, and I know several sensible people who actually plan to vote for Hillary even though they’d vote GOP if any candidate was running except Trump. These are people we need to convince to vote Libertarian. Trump supporters should help in this endeavor, because it eliminates that second vote for Hillary mentioned above. See, a vote for Gary Johnson is most definitely not a vote for Hillary (nor for Trump, for that matter).

The idea is that this is a long term game: Four years of Trump redefining core American principles into a mix of Huey Long populism and crony-capitalist political-insider trading might well do more damage than our declared enemy. There are signs already, and Trump’s popularity is one of them (Clinton’s unpunished lawlessness is another), that we’ve forgotten what made America great in the first place: limited government, free minds and free markets under the Constitution. None of which matter to Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

With Hillary we’ll see more and more exposure of the utter perversity of far-left Progressive policies. With Trump the lesson is that conservatism is a personally demeaning philosophy, chiefly characterized by small-minded incuriosity and unmoored to any principled theory of governance. You don’t have to grant your approval of this process by voting for either one of them, better to stay home. Best to vote third party.

Either Trump or Clinton WILL BE President in 2017. But what about 2020? Do you want a rerun? It’s a long term game.

You can’t have everything (or maybe anything) you want this year, and if you want a better choice we eventually have to move away from a system that offers us an insecure buffoon or a seasoned criminal as best among us.

Back to the Reason poll story, here’s an excerpt they took from Pew,

Johnson’s supporters are younger on average than voters who back either Clinton or Trump. Nearly a third (32%) of Johnson’s supporters in the four-way contest are younger than 30. This is roughly double the share of Clinton (15%) or Trump supporters (12%) who are younger than 30. Only 29% of Johnson backers are 50 or older, compared with 50% of Clinton supporters and 63% of Trump voters.

Voters of the future are well inclined toward the Libertarian. The game can change if we build on that. If the Libertarian isn’t on the debate stage this time it’s sad. If he or she isn’t on the debate stage in 2020, then you can look to 4 more years of Hillary. Eight years is what a vote for Hillary means in the long term game, even if the Dems have to pickle her.

Not voting for Gary Johnson is a vote for the statist quo (and make no mistake, that includes Trump). If, as I do, you consider Trump unelectable, not voting for Johnson is within spitting distance of being a vote for Hillary. ;)