Three Thoughts on The Donald

Read all three.

Andrew Klavan:
What’s a Conservative to Do?
Or a Libertarian, or even a Scoop Jackson Democrat?

If it’s Hillary versus Trump, a plague on both parties’ houses. American conservatism is the defender of constitutional law, restricted government and individual liberty. Those principles are what I’ll stand on, against any opponent on either side. And bloody well alone if I have to.

Thomas Sowell:
Last Chance for America?
Good question.

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump’s theatrical talents, including his bluster and bombast, may be enough to conceal his shallow understanding of very deep problems. But that will not cut it in the White House, where you cannot clown or con your way out of problems, and where the stakes are matters of life and death.

James Lileks:
Screed 2016
Picking the lesser of two evils doesn’t work this time.

Your previous calculations are useless in this situation, because a different sort of man has arise and grabbed the raw public molar with his rhetorical wrench. To participate in the usual calculations is to debase yourself. You may regard this as necessary for the triumph of certain ideas you hope Trump will deign to let live or allow to flourish, but you know that the vessel into which your pour these hopes is cracked and leaches lead, and that by supporting him for one thing you tacitly enable all the others. You hope this bargain shores up the timbers that keep the Republic standing…

To vote for Trump is to validate; to vote for Trump is to participate. He is a crass, gutter-tongued, vulgar man whose self-regard blinds his ability to understand his own ignorance. A man who casually encourages the worst, enables the mediocre, and wafts aloft cartoon concepts of American greatness with gusts of flatulent banalities.

On March 8, I’ll be voting for Cruz. Why Cruz over Rubio? It looks very much like Rubio will not win his home state.

YMMV, but #NeverTrump. And, sorry, but Kasich is just noise.