How sweet it isn’t

In recent posts regarding a couple of articles by Donald Trump supporters, The Other Club noted some of Mr. Trump’s proposals on international trade.

On March 7th; regarding whether Mr. Trump’s threat to “compel Nabisco to return Oreo manufacturing to the United States” was wild blather or sound policy.

On March 8th; regarding Trump’s trade war threats:

“I’m not prepared to throw Adam Smith away just yet. I agree that we should reject mercantilism, but it’s also true that we cheat. Our tariffs on Brazilian sugar for example, support the crony-capitalist American sugar producers and protect Iowa corn farmers from ethanol feedstock competition: a Big Government, Corporatist Whorehouse.”

Tying these together is an interesting article at the Foundation for Economic Education:

Oreo Is Leaving for Mexico and Trumpism Is to Blame

“Presidential front-runner Donald Trump vows that he will “never eat another Oreo again” to protest the transfer of 600 cookie-making jobs from Chicago to Mexico. And Trump is 100% correct when he condemns the factory’s exodus: “It’s unfair to us.”

It’s short, and I recommend that you RTWT to reconcile the headline with the quote.

Noted in passing. Marco Rubio favors these sugar subsidies and that’s one of the reasons I didn’t support him. Similarly, Mr. Trump’s promise to expand the ethanol mandate.