Unlearn for Bern

You know, the Bernie voters more and more resemble the demographic contingent that “got clean for Gene.” Minus the clean bit, lacking the civility of the Vietnam era and adding tribalist whining about the 1st Amendment.

On a whim I checked ‘sarc’ on Duck-Duck-Go: “Sexual Assault Response Coordinator.” In this case, that’s Bill Clinton, Gloria Steinem and Madeline Albright. It’s all in how you parse “sexual assault response.” Camille Paglia had some thoughts on this – “Sexism has nothing to do with it”.

But back to my point: The main difference between Gene McCarthy and Bernie Sanders is that no one in the 1960’s could possibly have run on an overtly socialist platform. But for Obama, no one could run on one now. Bernie’s acolytes think the problem is Barack didn’t transform enough.

The new generation of students doesn’t remember the Soviet Union, hasn’t read the Black Book of Communism or The Road to Serfdom and paid no attention to the lessons of Hugo Chavez (much less Mao, Stalin or Castro). Their “war” is fueled by abysmal economic ignorance. Not that the Vietnam era protestors were students of the dismal science, it just wasn’t their reason for being, and they couldn’t have sold socialism to a wide audience however much protest leaders may have wanted to.

How quickly we forget when the far left runs the government schools.