Adults in the room

Not in University of Toronto bathrooms, though.

One of the things that most distinguishes adults from children is the ability to anticipate the results of an action; to think ahead. Children can be reckless because they can’t imagine an obvious bad outcome. Adults who suffer from this lack of imagination are known as “university administrators.”

University of Toronto Dumps Transgender Bathrooms After Peeping Incidents

But, don’t worry, gender-warriors,

The University concluded that while the changes were made in the specific residence hall of the voyeurism incidents, “there has been no change to the designation of gender-neutral washrooms in the other University College Residences or elsewhere on campus as a result of these incidents.”

Children further frequently fail to acknowledge causality, and repeat the action that created a bad outcome. Much like administrators at the University of Toronto.

Under the “yes means yes” definitions U.S. University administrators are pursuing, these UoT incidents would all be counted as rapes.

And these are the smart people?