Google’s Alphabet, "A" is for amoral

Do You Trust Larry Page?

Though Mr. “Page is certainly convinced of his righteousness,” I am quite sure I disagree with him about what constitutes a “better world.” I make that claim from observation, not philosophical musing. Page is amoral, as reflected by his business ventures.

“Don’t be evil” is only half of the amoralist’s world view: The difficulty one has in peering out from a hyper-pragmatic moral vacuum is telling the difference.

What makes the author at the link above suppose that Nest (for example) won’t be monetized by advertising? Spying on people to ascertain what ads to serve them is the entire basis of Google.

When your Nest thermostat is reporting directly to the EPA that you’ve not set it lower but you’re using less gas, will they come to impose a fine if you have a Federally non-compliant woodstove? I guess that’s not technically advertising, but it’s certainly revenue enhancing for the Feds. If they buy the data from Google.

When your fridge is broadcasting how much ice cream, and what brand and flavor you eat, is it monetized by advertising? Only if Ben and Jerry and WeightWatchers bid on the data, I guess.

Android is not a cesspit of privacy violation and a security disaster by accident, and possibly not even by design. Larry Page just doesn’t care. As the author points out, Android is a Unix derivative, just like iOS. It’s how Unix was bent to corporate intent that’s the difference. Android is “free.” TANSTAAFL, as Robert Heinlein was wont to say.

Self driving cars are not being made for the convenience of the customer. They’ll help update Google Maps and report where you are at any moment, where you’ve been, and predict where you’ll go next. They’ll record every conversation, like your up-to-date television does now.

And forget that anyway, the objective is to make everything near you report about you on Twitter: The corporate surveillance State.

Imagine the public shaming to erupt in California when your bathroom scale reports a dripping shower head on its Facebook page. I don’t exaggerate: Remember, “If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down?” That was California’s partial answer to the water crisis of the 70’s. It’s back, and soon they’ll have a way to check if you’re obeying. First, they gave you a toilet that must be flushed twice when it’s brown, next they’re going to check if you dare flush once when it’s yellow. Ads to get you to purchase the required sensor will be placed on your browser by Google when you search for “bathroom remodel.”

Google has several health care initiatives: Do you want them to know when you get a Viagra prescription? Start taking a cancer drug? Refill only half as often as expected because you can’t afford it, and are cutting your pills in half? Do you get ads for hookers, funeral homes and Canadian pharmacies as a result? That’s rhetorical.

Do the ads display on your new Nest 10 inch LCD thermostat with the microphone that not only lets you speak to it, but to Page’s servers? That’s an educated guess.

If you book an abortion, should the people who buy from Planned Parenthood get “Buy it now” rights on the parts supply? Google will sell that information if they are allowed to. Or even if they aren’t.

I trust Page to follow his “righteousness.” That is, to promote a soul sucking deconstruction of individual rights the extent of which we can’t yet quite grasp.

Larry Page, of course, is not alone.
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