Ex-Im BS

McConnell says he was forced to hold a vote on the Ex-Im Bank renewal because supporters demand it. Funny, it worked the other way around when Harry Reid was in charge.

McConnell told colleagues Friday that he had little choice but to ensure a vote on the bank because its supporters threatened to block votes on other amendments.

“Supporters of the Ex-Im Bank are demanding a vote to reauthorize it, and they’ve made clear they’re ready to stop all other amendments if denied that opportunity,” he said. “They’ve already proven they have the votes to back up the threat too.”

But Cruz ripped McConnell’s tactics, and conservatives applauded his salvo.

“Senator Ted Cruz’s speech today is evidence of the rage that conservatives have toward Senator Mitch McConnell,” one conservative strategist told The Hill. “In essence, Sen. Cruz made a strong case that McConnell’s whole agenda is a lie to the conservative movement.”

Cruz and McConnell have had a rocky relationship since the freshman conservative came to the upper chamber in 2013.

They clashed most fiercely that year over the best strategy to oppose the implementation of ObamaCare. Cruz pushed Republicans to oppose any government funding resolution that allowed the law to take effect. McConnell believed the 16-day government shutdown that resulted from a standoff over spending hurt the GOP’s brand.

Cruz and McConnell clashed again in December and earlier this year over a Department of Homeland Security funding bill. Cruz insisted it include language stopping President Obama’s executive order shielding up to five million illegal immigrants form deportation.

McConnell eventually moved a clean funding bill after Senate Democrats repeatedly filibustered language targeting the executive action on immigration.

Block what other amendments? He isn’t permitting any.

In summary, the supporters of Ex-Im are going to shut down the Senate if McConnell doesn’t give them a chance to rape taxpayers. If he doesn’t allow a vote, McConnell is afraid it’ll be like the government “shutdown” – bad for the GOP.

So, if the GOP shuts it down it’s the GOP’s fault. If the Dems shut it down, it’s the GOP’s fault.

Get a spine, Mitch.