Earth day aftermath, celebrating global climate warming change denialism

I understand the sobriquet for AGW skeptics is changing to ‘anti-climate.’ While that’s better than the NAZI comparison implied by ‘Global Warming Denier,’ it’s slipping the surly bonds of the English language.

I don’t know how it’s possible to be anti-climate. Climate’s been doing that change thing for millions of years, though in Mr. Chait’s terms it’s stopped doing it for nearly two decades. I must fall under the ‘crazy’ category. The ‘lazy’ ones wouldn’t deign to note his drivel:

Too bad George Orwell isn’t around to help us understand this particular bit of Newspeak, but apparently ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ and ‘Global Warming Sharknado Climate Change Disaster Theory Computer Model Heretic Objectors’ take too many characters on Twitter.

This doesn’t explain why they couldn’t stick with the older, shorter standard – ‘AGW.’ Maybe the NPR audience never caught on to the abbreviation, it’s more than 2 characters, after all; or the fact that without the “A,” the whole debate is pointless.

And, while I’m grabbing a screenshot, let us all marvel at the man who represents the pinnacle of “Science” for millions of NPR/PBS aficionados, America’s David Suzuki, the preening name dropper with a BS in Engineering… Bill Nye, the unconscious irony guy:

That’s 9,000 gallons of jet fuel for a mostly unloaded 747 flight ‘acting on climate,’ if I understand it correctly. At a cost of $179,750 an hour. That doesn’t count Mr. Nye’s financial or carbon expenditure to travel to Washington to join the fun.

Bill, I’ve got news: Mr. Wizard was twice the scientist you are, and he didn’t need government subsidy.

As Glenn Reynolds says, “I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people telling me it’s a crisis start behaving like it’s a crisis.”