Killers, baby and otherwise

The Center for Disease Control Loses Its Grip
-Paul Rahe

Meanwhile, at the National Institutes of Health, the Director is saying Ebola in the US is a problem because his budget was cut.

That cut was in Obama’s budget. This did not trouble the Obama NIH when they needed millions for Lesbian Obesity research.

Nonetheless, the Dems are “blaming Bush,” whose protocols for disease control were rejected by Obama.

Note that the CDC’s spending remains out of control.

The cost of CDC’s gun control, NaCl pogrom and chasing down escaped, infected lab animals apparently prevented them from doing their job.

And they still don’t have a handle on Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68).

The Statists think we’re stupid. And you can tell how many of us actually are stupid by looking at the number of people who would vote for Obama again.

Update, Oct 13, noon: It turns out that the GOP baby killers actually increased the CDC budget by 8.2 percent on Jan. 13th, 2014. The president had proposed a $270 million decrease from fiscal 2012. The House of Representatives passed the omnibus spending bill 376 to 5, giving the CDC $6.9 billion, over half a billion more than the president proposed.

Still, the Dem’s Surreality Based Community is blaming the GOP for the Ebola problem.

Update, Oct 13, 5:20PM

“…the federal government not ten years ago created and funded a brand new office in the Health and Human Services Department specifically to coordinate preparation for and response to public health threats like Ebola. The woman who heads that office, and reports directly to the HHS secretary, has been mysteriously invisible from the public handling of this threat. And she’s still on the job even though three years ago she was embroiled in a huge scandal of funneling a major stream of funding to a company with ties to a Democratic donor—and away from a company that was developing a treatment now being used on Ebola patients,”

is beyond belief.

Update, Oct 15, 4:57PM A WORD ON THE NIH BUDGET

“…after the Republican takeover in ’94, the NIH budget rose until the Dems took over Congress in 2006. The Pelosi/Reid Congress was the first to flatline the NIH budget in nominal dollars.”

But, read the whole thing at the link above. You will find a further link to a Brief History of NIH Funding: Fact Sheet, written by the Congressional Reasearch Service.