Short term memory problem

The biggest single argument against following from in front of our president on Syria (or anything else) is not his demonstrated incompetence, it’s that he is a brazen, congenital liar.
Obama on Syria: ‘I didn’t set a red line’ … ‘My credibility is not on the line’

It’s like the president is unaware of the invention of video recording. The credibility of Congress is what’s in question, because Obama spoke without a teleprompter?

Congress should not give him approval to attack Syria because he’s already blaming them for a vote they haven’t taken. A vote he said he didn’t need. A vote he has said he will ignore if he doesn’t like the outcome. Given his record of selecting the laws he will enforce, he cannot be trusted to abide by Congressional restrictions in any case. There is no point in participating in this farce.

He is correct in one sense: His credibility isn’t on the line because he has none. Blaming everyone in the world for his screw-ups isn’t the way to fix that.