1 thought on “Implausible deniability, or crossing the credibility red-line”

  1. I'm reminded of a television ad of several years ago in which a heady staff of proactive groomers were responsible for making their boss presentable at the next big meeting.One staffer brushed away the dandruff while another tackled the toilet paper dragged behind the boss's heel. None of them noticed until too late the dime sized spinach leaf stuck between their dear leaders' teeth.I think at this juncture it would be good to note that the spinach in Obama's teeth has already been exposed to the world and loudly denying its existence, or worse, trying to balance its presence with a perfectly clipped duplicate to be lodged on the opposite side for symmetry, hurts our country's credibility even more. We are either a nation led by a column of buffoons or we are a nation melting pot consisting of nothing but buffoons. I'd rather the world see us as the former.