Free Riders of the Purple Wage

Nancy Pelosi is now insisting that the #ObamaTax is not a tax. Since this would make it unconstitutional, one wonders whether Ms Pelosi’s sanity has been trumped by her partisanship. Not.

The former speaker vigorously disputed Gregory’s characterization of the individual mandate as a “new tax,” based on the court’s finding that the mandate passed constitutional muster based on Congress’ authority to impose taxes. Pelosi said the fines to be levied on those without insurance should be considered a penalty, not a tax.

“The penalty is on people who have the wherewithal but refuse to buy health insurance figuring they won’t be sick and if they do other people will have to cover it,” Pelosi said. “So these free riders, as they were identified by Gov. Romney himself, he said people have the ability to pay and don’t can’t expect to be free riders. And I think that he termed it exactly right. These free riders make health insurance for those who are taking responsibility making it more expensive.”

The Free Riders are apparently 75% comprised of Americans earning less than $120,000 per year.

Added to the illegal immigrants who are the major free riders, and to a large number of whom the president has just granted amnesty, that probably covers 99% of US residents.