Funding the Speedway Bomber

Conservative Blogs Learn Of Brett Kimberlin …and more about the Tides Foundation, Barbra Streisand and Teresa Heinz Kerry, supporters all.

Follow the links at the link above. It makes Bill Ayers look like an angel. This story should be more widely known. If Kimberlin had tea party connections, you can bet it already would be.

1 thought on “Funding the Speedway Bomber”

  1. Aaron “Worthing” here, the guy who first kicked this off by documenting how he attempted to frame me for a crime…(see here for that, btw. who knows, if this story gets enough legs, maybe the MSN will pretend he is a conservative. Just like the Marxist who shot Rep. Giffords. A total tea partier who follows marx!Anyway, thanks for bringing attention to the story.