Malia’s excellent vacation

If you want a worth reading look at the not so obvious issues surrounding Malia Obama’s trip to Mexico, check Claudia Rosett here.

But, like Rosett, I’ll relegate the Stalinist style ‘disappearing’ of stories about Malia’s Mexican sabbatical. It’s the sort of thing we’re used to.

What I find curious is that there are at least a dozen parents in DC who somehow thought letting their 13 and 14 year old daughters take a Mexican sabbatical was a good idea. I imagine the conversation with the school organizers of this trip went something like this:

School: “We’re planning a school trip to Mexico for 13 of our students this March. It will be very educational.”

“WTF? Mexico? You don’t think I’m letting my 13 year old baby go to Mexico? I can see the headline, “13 students kidnapped, raped and murdered.” And it’ll be by Mexican drug lords wielding guns purchased in the United States because of our barbaric Second Amendment. I think we’ll pass on this one.”

“No, no. It’s OK. We’ve already got the Obamas on board. Your daughter will be safer in Mexico than she is in DC. There will be 25 Secret Service agents. Besides, more 13 year olds than that get raped and almost as many get murdered in this town every month.”

“OH… OK, then. My 13 year old daughter gets world class protection, and I don’t have to pay for it? That makes up for The President’s failure to make someone pay for her birth control pills. I’m in.”