Long division

Jonathan Alter @jonathanalter has declared a loser in the culture wars:

The independent women who will help determine the election want the government–and their bosses–out of their private lives. The culture wars are over, and the Republicans lost.

If they want the government out of their lives, they most certainly will not vote for Obama. What Alter really means is that, “They want their view of government largesse out of the political arena. They’d like you to believe the culture wars are over.”

Good luck with that. I don’t think the case is proven that thirty year old left-wing activist students at elite Universities, testifying before faux Congressional “committees” and hugely exaggerating the cost of birth control pills, have every right to make Catholics, much less anybody else, pay for their birth control.

Meanwhile, the president is playing the religion card :

When we start using religion as a bludgeon in politics, we start questioning other people’s faith, we start using religion to divide, instead of bring the country together, then I think we’ve got a problem.

So, I guess using religion to divide the country (And whose plan was that, anyway?) is entirely different from using race for the same purpose.

Eric Holder, call your office. The president has an update for you on how to interpret the Constitution.