Stanley Fish @stanleyfish explains why Eric Holder feels entitled to flout the Constitution. As Fish sees it, Holder’s direct attacks on the Constitution are more than merely OK, they’re required. Under the Fish protocol, Fast & Furious gun fakery and the extrajudicial killing of American citizens by executive order, to name just two of Holder’s anti-Constitutional pursuits, are not optional. That’s justified because Liberals feel superior.

The principles that will naturally occur to us – tolerance, mutual respect, diversity – are ones they have already rejected; invoking them will do no real work except the dubious work of confirming us in our feelings of superiority.

He’s right about the dubious nature of this work, but, yup, us non-Fish here in the flyover wasteland are just clinging to our guns and religion – and making Fish feel superior. Too bad tolerance, mutual respect and diversity admit to no dalliance with the Second Amendment – or the Fifth, or the Fourteenth. Fish has borrowed the concept of Taqiyya to justify the means, because the ends are superior. With apologies to Edmund Burke (though it’s Fish who owes them): “All that’s necessary for our opponents to win in the world is for enough superior men to stop lying and cheating.”

Eric Holder is seen here presaging his future plans for Fast & Furious – “brainwashing.” He cares less about the Second Amendment now, and the Fifth, and the Fourteenth, than he did when he was a Richard Pryor lookalike promoting unconstitutional D.C. gun ban efforts.