Stephen Harper for President

TOC has skewered Canada from time to time (I lived there for over 20 years), but we’ve also run quite a few “What we can learn from Canada” posts. There are 79 posts (I didn’t count for criticism vs. praise) “labeled” ‘Canada’ going back to 2006.

I greatly appreciate Stephen Hayward’s point at Power Line:

How can it be that after all these years of making fun of Canada for all of the right reasons (its anti-Americanism, its social democratic welfare state, its ludicrous Steyn-hunting “human rights” commissions, its export of Michael J. Fox and William Shatner, etc.), it can now be held up as a superior model to Obama’s America?


What I cannot comprehend is how Hayward failed to mention Jennifer Granholm in his critique of Canadian expats. Then too, he had to be reminded of Celine Dion.

At least Celine Dion’s recordings have the social utility to be used to torture those incarcerated at Gitmo. The real damage to this country was done by Jennifer Granholm. Forgiving Canada for that will take a long time.