But Rick Perry is the one who’s crazy

Paul Krugman: “Social Security Is A Ponzi Scheme And Will Soon Be Over”

“Twice the government has argued before the Supreme Court that Social Security is not insurance.”

“Until a half a minute ago, liberals called Social Security a Ponzi scheme, too.”

Like “Progressive,” the Liberals need a newer euphemism for “Ponzi scheme.” Then they could tolerate a discussion about it.

3 thoughts on “But Rick Perry is the one who’s crazy”

  1. Ponzi Scheme aside, if Rick Perry is the best this country can do, we will remained mired in deep do-do. That's better than sinking under the do-do, as we are now doing, but a far cry from what we could expect if we elect Marco Rubio or Chris Christie. Romney, Bachmann, Cain, and Paul would also be better than this charlatan from Texas.

  2. The Ponzi scheme demagoguing by the statists is the point of the post; but, since you ask, I find Bachmann much worse than any other candidate after her HPV comments. I will not vote for her, and it looks as though I won't be troubled not to do so. She would trouble me even as a Veep.Romney is worse if only (and there's lots more) on his refusal to acknowledge his mistake in passing Romneycare. I will vote for him if I have to, but he will damage the gains we've made and set up another “progressive.” Romney is a dead-end Herbert Hoover style social engineer. He tells us this all the time.Cain and Paul are curiosities, though I would gladly vote for Paul and would suspend my disbelief to vote for Cain. Cain is not better than Perry.Christie and Rubio and Ryan aren't running. They are far superior to the current field. So are John Bolton and Scott Walker. So what?Bottom line of the main contenders? Perry is less objectionable than Romney, and no more a charlatan.