The Bullying Pulpit

I’m sorry, but a group called the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) seems like just another group of professional victims organizing their pity party. Or, it did, until the weight of the First Nanny started to come down on them.

Truly, this should help people connect the dots between bullying and the Federal government. It helps explain how Dr. David Ludwig felt comfortable suggesting in public that fat kids be taken away from their parents.

If bullying is so terrible when practiced by children, why is it just peachy when the Feds do it?

Criticism on the basis of body shape is out of line. Just eat your peas, and never mention that though Obama’s suit may be empty, the same could not be said of Michelle’s shorts.

3 thoughts on “The Bullying Pulpit”

  1. Can we call them the “National Government” rather than the Feds. I've two objection to the latter. Elliot Ness was the Feds. Also, Feds is short for Federal and this government is anything but Federalist.

  2. If we take fat kids away from their parents, then presumably that will be after we take kids away from parents who smoke cigarettes.

  3. Re: Feds, Federal, National. I see the point, but I don't think we have a National government, either. It's more like a coalition of petty fiefdoms which co-operate only in order to pillage the serfs in a orderly fashion.Re: Cigarettes. Of course, and don't forget allowing them to play games where a score is kept, or there is the slightest possibility of injury.