5 thoughts on “Reckless Endangerment”

  1. I would also recommend Christopher Whalen's “Inflated – how debt and inflation built the American Dream” It gives a good historical context to what is going on today.

  2. I would have to disagree with that to a degree. I am an avid follower of his publication the Institutional Risk Analyst. He has a wide variety of people he interviews across the spectrum. Whalen himself is an Austrian economist more or less, which would mean he is not a democrat. Unless, by a Democrat you mean a Grover Cleveland, which I could endorse.

  3. Perhaps too broad an inference on my part, but here is his recommended reading list from a recent day via Twitter: Bloomberg, NYT, Slate, WSJ, and LA Times.As for Austrian, what Austrian decries deflation?Grover Cleveland reminds me that only since Wilson have we come to think of Democrat as a pejorative.